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Population: 940 County: Linn Location: 44°42′13″N 122°51′0″W Elevation: 317 feet Area Code: (503) Zip Code: 97374 Time Zone: Pacific
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Greetings Everyone,

In an effort to keep everyone up-to-date on the Covid-19 vaccinations I am posting the following message from the Community Engavement Team, OHA-ODHS COVID-19 Response and Recover Unit. Please do not call City Hall as we are not the sponsors of the message(s) and we do not know any more about how or where the vaccinations will be given at this time. Should any information change we will update you through this page and on the city’s Facebook page. Thanks Everyone! Ginger Allen Scio City Manager Dear Partner: Next week, Oregonians age 80 and above can begin getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Older adults age 65 and above will become eligible to get a vaccine over the following 3 weeks. Here’s information for you to help reduce confusion and frustration as we work together to support Oregon seniors at a time when vaccines remain in critically short supply in the United States and here in Oregon. Older adults will have different ways to get vaccine information Vaccines are scarce. In coming weeks, we know there will be more seniors who want to get vaccinated than there will be vaccines available to them. While we can’t give every older adult an appointment as soon as they want one, we can give them different ways to get linked to vaccine information and events. Here are some of the options that will be available to all seniors on February 8: web tool: This tool will allow people to determine if they are eligible for a vaccine and register to get email alerts or text notifications about vaccine events in their area. The Get Vaccinated Oregon tool will be open to all Oregonians and information will be available in 11 languages. o The URL is not yet live! We will notify you when the URL goes live in coming days. 211: Older Oregonians can also text ORCOVID to 898211 to get text/SMS updates (English and Spanish only) or email If they can’t get their COVID-19 vaccine question answered on the website, by text, or by email, they can call 211 or 1-866-698-6155, which is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, including holidays. Please be aware that wait times may be long due to high call volumes. There is an option to get a call back rather than wait on hold (in English and Spanish). Free interpretation is available for all other languages. TTY: Dial 711 or call 1-866-698-6155. OHA’s vaccination website features facts about COVID-19 vaccines and hosts links to county websites and a statewide calendar of public vaccination clinics. Nursing home, independent living centers and other facilities: Pharmacy partners are vaccinating residents and staff at senior residences and care facilities. Residents (or family members) can ask their facility operator when their residence is scheduled for a vaccination clinic. Every senior will be able get a vaccine, but most seniors will not be able to get immunized for many weeks There are more than 750,000 people aged 65 or older. While Oregon has already vaccinated more than 100,000 people aged 60 and older, state health officials estimate it take until mid-April to vaccinate more than 7 in 10 Oregon seniors. All seniors will be eligible to get vaccinated by the end of February Here are dates for when Oregonians age 65 and older can start getting vaccinated: You can help make the vaccination process better for Oregon seniors Since the start of the pandemic, Oregon has prioritized protecting seniors. While every COVID-19 fatality is tragic, Oregon has the second lowest COVID-19 infection rate among seniors, and the third-lowest death rate among seniors, in the nation. Your partnership has helped save lives. We are committed to sharing information with you as we continue to roll-out Oregon’s vaccination program. We hope you will keep seniors, family members and caregivers stay informed, stay patient and keep safe as we work together to vaccinate every older Oregonian. Sincerely, Community Engagement Team, OHA-ODHS COVID-19 Response and Recovery Unit
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, 6:00 P.M.

The Scio City Council will be hosting a live, Zoom Meeting due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Anyone wishing to attend may join the meeting by choosing one of the following options: Meeting ID: 885 5561 4906 Passcode: 41mwuY or phone: 1-253-215-8782 Meeting ID: 885 5561 4906 Passcode: 418723 If you cannot attend the meeting, written comments shall be accepted up through 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.
Agenda Packet Agenda Packet Beyond Date TBD Group 1 •	Hospital staff with patient care responsibilities •	Urgent care •	Skilled nursing and memory care facility healthcare personnel (HCP) and residents •	Tribal health programs •	Emergency medical services (EMS) providers and other first responders •	All health care interpreters and traditional health workers in any setting within Phase 1a Group 2 • Other long-term care facilities, including all paid and unpaid HCP, all staff and contractors, including residents who meet the age requirements of: Residential care facilities  Adult foster care  Group homes for people with  intellectual and developmental  disabilities Other similar congregate care sites •	Hospice programs •	Mobile crisis care and related services Subsequent groups will be determined in coordination with the Vaccine Advisory Committee and shared on OHA’s COVID-19 vaccine web page. These are examples of groups of people who may included: •	Critical workers in high-risk settings — workers who are in industries essential to the functioning of society and substantially higher risk of exposure •	People of all ages with underlying conditions that put them at moderately higher risk •	People in prisons, jails, detention centers, and similar facilities, and staff who work in such settings •	General population •	Individuals working in a correctional setting Group 3 •	HCPs in outpatient settings serving specific high-risk groups •	Day treatment services •	Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) •	Paid or unpaid caregivers (including parents or foster parents) of medically fragile children or adults who live at home •	Adults and age-eligible children who have a medical condition or disability who receive services in their homes Group 4 •	All other outpatient HCPs •	Other HCP who provide direct service to people with I/DD and other high-risk populations. •	Other public health settings, such as HCP serving WIC, or CBO's with direct or indirect exposures Phase 1A  December 12, 2020 Phase 1B Everyone in Phase 1A, Groups 1,2,3 and 4 are currently eligible for the vaccine. Who’s getting vaccinated in Oregon next OHA 3527A (02/02/2021) Group 1 • Childcare providers, early learning and K-12 educators and staff Eligible week of January 25, 2021 Group 2 • People 80 and older Eligible February 8, 2021 Group 3 • People 75 and older Eligible February 15, 2021 Group 4 • People 70 and older Eligible February 22, 2021 Group 5 • People 65 and older Eligible March 1, 2021  Educators: 105,000* approximately People over 65: 795,000* approximately People eligible: 400,000 approximately  * Oregon’s vaccine supply is limited. It is estimated to take 12-15 weeks to vaccinate groups 1-5 of Phase 1B.
Number of Oregonians
80 and older
February 8, 2021
1B, Group 2
75 and older
February 15, 2021
1B, Group 3
70 and older
February 22, 2021
1B, Group 4
65 and older
March 1, 2021
1B, Group 5




, 7:00 P.M.

The Scio Planning Commission will be hosting a live, Zoom Meeting due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Anyone wishing to attend may join the meeting by choosing one of the following options: Meeting ID: 836 9092 3606 Passcode: LZC7vW or phone: 1-253-215-8782 Meeting ID: 836 9092 3606 Passcode: 575271 If you cannot attend the meeting, written comments shall be accepted up through 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 22, 2021.
Agenda Packet Agenda Packet