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Public Works Utility Worker I - Job Announcement

Salary Range: $21 - $27 per hour (DOE) The Public Works Utility Worker I performs a wide variety of duties related directly and indirectly to the water & wastewater systems, streets, storm drains, park services and building maintenance. Routine job duties too numerous to print, please obtain recruitment packet for full job description. Ideal candidate must have a high school diploma, or equivalent, two years’ experience in public works and experience with water and wastewater system operations. Any satisfactory combination of related work experience and training which demonstrates the combined knowledge, skills and abilities to perform job duties will be considered. Download an application packet or contact or phone 503-394-3342 for an application packet. EOE/M/F/H Resumes not accepted in lieu of applications. Position Opened Until Filled

Scio Lagoon Odor Update

Last week I posted a short article on the front page of the city’s web site ( and on Scio Source regarding the “Lagoon Odor”. This is an “update” to that original article, an attempt to inform you, the public, about the biological phenomenon taking place in the lagoons. In the spring and in the fall wastewater lagoon systems are subject to “Algae Blooms”. An algae bloom happens when sludge blankets, through a natural process, flip themselves upside down due to the changing of temperatures. Sludge is composed of forms of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) that the bacteria were not easily able to digest, mostly insoluble BOD. Eventually this insoluble BOD sinks to the bottom, where it combines with dead bacteria, live bacteria, and small amounts of inorganics to form a sludge layer. This happens at a faster rate in cold climates where several months per year the bacteria are digesting material at a fraction of the rate they normally do. As sludge builds to 12” or more in thickness, only the upper inch or two remains oxygenated, leaving the rest of the layer anaerobic. Anaerobic environments are hotbeds for odors and this is where the significant lagoon odors are generated. Small amounts of those odors begin to rise out of the sludge and through the water column, ultimately making it to the atmosphere. The thicker the sludge blanket, the more odors are generated, and the more they are noticed by people in the lagoons vicinity. And in many climates a spring or fall turnover of the water column will accelerate the rise of those odors. Scio began experiencing algae blooms about 2 ½ weeks ago, when the secondary pond actually “Flipped” over Labor Day week-end. Since the first of September the odors have risen and fallen, depending upon the wind and changes in temperature. The Scio Public Works Division has worked to break up the sludge deposits with hand tools and additional water spraying onto the sludge pads. Aside from these two techniques we have to let nature run its course. Over the past two weeks staff has worked with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Oregon Associations of Water Utilities (OAWU), Sewer Lagoon Contractors and other cities who have lagoon systems. There is nothing more that we can do at this time. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE?? Scio completed and presented a new Sewer Master Plan at the August 12, 2019 City Council meeting. The masterplan has identified way to mitigate these “algae blooms” in the future. The City will be working with DEQ this fall in establishing a Bio-Solids Management Plan. We do not know the cost of the plan at this time. Staff will report back to Scio City Council as we move forward with options to assist with wastewater management. If you have any questions about this article please call me at 503-394-3342. Best Regards, Ginger Allen Scio City Manager

Scio Municipal Code & City Charter

Electronically Assessable!!

The Scio Municipal Code, which is made up of all of Scio’s “Ordinances & Resolutions” are now available at your fingertips. To access the code “Click Here If you have any questions about the code or City charter please email the city at OR call Scio City Hall at 503-394-3342


There is an ever growing need for mankind to become more aware of mercury and the impact it can have on one’s quality of life. Mercury is a natural occurring element found in air, water and soil. Over exposer to mercury, even in small amounts, may cause serious health problems to the unborn child and people of all ages. In an effort to educate our water users we are providing the following Environmental Protection Agency website which gives the reader access to fact sheets and data relating to the subject matter of mercury. What is Mercury Emissions of Mercury into the Air Emission from Power Plants Other Causes of mercury Air Emissions Trends in Air Emissions Mercury Emissions around the Globe Common Exposures to Mercury Health Effects Associated with Exposures to Mercury Ecological Effects of Mercury Exposure Consumer Products that Traditionally Contain Mercury

Planning Commission Position Open

The City of Scio is currently seeking volunteers who live within the city limits to serve on the Scio Planning Commission. The planning commission actively serves the city by making land use recommendations/decisions for the city depending on the complexity of the application before them. The time commitment involved can range from 1 to 4 hours per month. If you are interested in planning for the future of Scio, please consider volunteering your time. - Application

Recycling Tips

We are often asked what can or cannot go into the recycling bins from Republic Services. Here is a handy link to their website to help you determine if certain items can go in the recycling or must be placed in your garbage can. Just click on the cart to see what you can do.

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