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Water and Sewer System

The City relies on two groundwater wells located on the north side of town as city’s drinking water source. The City of Scio has four designated well sites but relies on only two of the wells for the City’s water supply needs. The Two wells are capable of producing 790 gallons per minute combined. The city has one steel reservoir located to the south of town off of Hillside Way that holds 500,000 gallons of water that ensures adequate and required pressures and fire flows to the city. The reservoir and Well #4 were built in 1994 as part of the City’s last waster system upgrade. This was a $M project. The sewer system works through gravity. It is the most shallow at the edges of town and deepest at the lift stations. The city has two lift stations, one is located at the pedestrian bridge on Beech street and the other is in the Thomas Creek Estates subdivision. Effluent is pumped from the lift stations to the city’s lagoon system, where it is treated before being discharged into Thomas Creek. When storm water leaks into the sewer system it increases operating costs by increasing the volume of material that needs to be treated. The Public Works staff routinely tv’s the sewer pipes to continue maintenance of the sewer system. As many of the water and sewer pipes were installed prior to ____, it is becoming necessary to make plans for upgrading the system in the future. This kind of project is very expensive. The City is exploring options to plan for the future needs of the town while minimizing the cost to citizens.
City of Scio