City of Scio| 38957 NW 1st Avenue, PO Box 37 | Scio|Oregon | 97374-0037| Tel: 503-394-3342

Community Resources

Welcome to the Community Resources page. Below is a condensed telephone directory providing basic contact information for various government agencies, public safety numbers, and utility providers.
City of Scio
New Resident Contact List Government Organizations			Location					Phone US Post Office (Scio)					38750 N Main Street			(503) 394-4180  Linn County Animal Control			3008 SW Ferry St., Albany			(541) 967-3925 Linn County Environmental Health		Linn County Courthouse, Albany		(541) 967-3821 Linn County Planning & Building Dept.		Linn County Courthouse, Albany		(541) 967-3816 Linn County Road Department			3010 SW Ferry St., Albany			(541) 967-3819  Public Safety					Location					Phone Emergency												9-1-1 Linn County Sheriff					1115 SE Jackson St., Albany			(541) 967-3950 Scio Fire District					38975 SW 6th Avenue			(503) 394-3000  Utility Providers					Location					Phone City of Scio (Water & Sewer)			38957 NW 1st Avenue			(503) 394-3342 Consumers Power, Inc.										(800) 872-9036 Northwest Natural Gas										(800) 231-2986 Pacific Power												(888) 221-7070 Republic Services (Garbage)									(541) 928-2551 SMTA Telecommunications Cooperative		38770 N Main Street			(503) 394-3366
REPUBLIC SERVICES Republic Services has issued this important notice regarding your recycling and waste service: COVID-19 Response RECYCLING TIPS We are often asked what can or cannot go into the recycling bins from Republic Services. For recycling tips, click on the cart to access Republic Services website. They have a list of items that can go in the recycling bin or must be placed in your garbage can. Just click on the cart to see what you can do.
PACIFIC POWER Citizens often ask us how to report street light outages. You may click on the following link to make a report. Street Light Outages - Report Here You will need the number off of the power pole (see example below) and the closest street address to complete the report.