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Emergency Bulletin

The following Emergency Notices are provided for your information.  These postings will be updated as information changes during any city emergency. 
Ready: Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed. Being self-reliant in a disaster or emergency will relieve some of the stress we all may experience and will take some of the load off emergency personnel. Visit to see the recommended items to include in a basic emergency supply kit. You may wish to have additional items specific to your personal needs in your supply kit.


Attention Scio Citizens: The recent Oregon Emergency Management Alerts associated with the Salem and Turner water contamination has “nothing” to do with Scio’s water source.  The City of Scio draws it’s drinking water from an artisan well source, Scio’s Water is clean and safe. Thank you, Ginger Allen Scio City Manager
Checklist food water medicine radio/batteries first aid kit
City of Scio