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CITY MANAGERS REPORT Report Period January 9, 2019 - February 6, 2019 Ginger Allen, City Manager City Hall Facility Condition and Needs Assessment: The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Facility Condition and Needs Assessment of City Hall closed on January 31, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. with no submittals turned in. I called all eight of the companies that received RFP’s and spoke with six of the eight company representatives. It became very clear that I over shot the RFP and in doing so learned what course to take to determine the overall state of city hall. One of the engineering firms took a considerable amount of time explaining to me what he believed the city course of action should be and his recommendations were confirmed by two other engineering firms. After speaking with these firms I followed the advice received and city hall will be having a comprehensive commercial building inspection on Thursday, February 7, 2019. This inspection will indicate what the next steps will be for staff and a full report will be presented at the March 11, 2019 city council meeting. Sanitation Services Options: I directed Cathy Martin to schedule a meeting with Pacific Sanitation regarding the possibilities of a Franchise Agreement. Public Works Equipment Needs; I am currently working with the men in the Public Works area regarding equipment needs. This past month we have had to reach out to the City of Lebanon for assistance with cleaning out some of our sewer lines. The City of Scio has a piece of equipment called a “Jetter”. This piece of equipment was purchased used and has the ability to cut through blockage in pipes but does not vacuum out the blockage debris. Lebanon was kind enough to bring over the Vac-Truck to clean out our backup up lines. In addition, the current Jetter is beginning to cost money on various degrees of repair work. Thus, we will be looking to purchase a small, used Vac-Truck, that will not only clean out our lines, but will vacuum up the debris. Christmas Décor on Bridge Light Poles: The Christmas Décor on the bridge light poles are scheduled to be taken down by SMTA. SMTA has the lift truck and they have and remain excellent partners with the City of Scio. We have requested that the décor be taken down and they will assist us when their schedule permits. Reserve Fund Update: On January 16, 2019 I met with Mike Jaeger, VP, District Manager of Columbia Bank and G. Glenn Barker, Senior Financial Advisor for Columbia Bank. The meeting centered on optional investment tools for the City’s Reserve Funds.I also reached out to a PiperJaffray, a Portland based law firm that specializes in Municipal Investments. I spoke with Stefanie M. Roberts, a Fixed Income Investment Attorney, and she informed me that the City falls under Oregon Statute ORS 294.035 Investment of Funds of Political Subdivisions. After speaking with Both Glenn Barker at Columbia Bank and Stefanie Roberts of PiperJaffray it was decided that it would be best to keep all of Scio’s Reserve Funds with the Local Government Investment Pool. I will follow through with the transfer of funds immediately and the transfers should be completed on or before the February 11, 2019 city council meeting.
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