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City Manager Report

CITY MANAGERS REPORT Report Period June 3, 2020 - July 8, 2020 Ginger Allen, City Manager Scio City Hall Services: Please review agenda item no. 1 for the details regarding city service hours and operations. November 3, 2020, General Election: Election packets have been distributed to those council members whose terms expire on December 31. 2020. Packets are also available to all residents of Scio, living within the Scio City limits, wishing to serve on the Scio City Council. The following council seats will be on the Linn County, November General Election ballot Scio City Mayor – Currently held by Gary C. Weaver Scio City Council Position No. 2 – Currently held by Tom Meyer Scio City Council Position No. 4 – Currently held by Joey L. Ferguson Scio City Council Position No. 5 – Currently held by Karen Eckhart City election packets will be available on Monday July 13, 2020. Smith Glass: The city is working with Smith Glass out of Albany to install Plexiglas on the desk of the city Librarian and in the city hall window facing NW 1 st Avenue, in order to protect essential workers during COVID-19 restrictions.
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