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City Manager Report

CITY MANAGERS REPORT Report Period April 5, 2019 to May 8, 2019 Ginger Allen, City Manager Scio Community Clean-up Days Update: Scio Clean-up Day is well underway and working with S.C.I.O. and the Scio High School leadership team has been a delight. Our final meeting will be held on Monday, May 13, 2019 and Clean-up Day is on schedule for Thursday, May 16 th from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Over 200 high school students will participate in the clean-up efforts and teachers will assist as supervisors. Members of S.C.I.O. and city staff will also be participating in the clean-up efforts. Parks and Tree Board Update I am still working on the final draft of the revised 2001 Tree Board Ordinance. I have rescheduled the presentation of this ordinance for the August 2019 city council meeting. May and June are very busy months due to Lamb and Wool Fair, Clean-up Date preparation, and the annual city budget process. Pot Holes on North Main Street The pot holes along North Main Street in front of the Post Office and the deep pot holes at the corner of 4 th and North Main Street (going east bound toward Stayton) have been temporarily filled by the Linn County Road Department. More work on these patches could take place later on this summer. Scio Memorial Park I had a telephone conference call with Lamb & Wool Board President, Karen Borchard and the Board has voted to turn over the Memorial Brick records to the city. The transition of records will be taking place in late summer in time to hold our first Brick Selling Campaign in October 2019, just in time for Veterans Day. Public Works Oversight Water Oversite, provided by Darrell Lockard is no longer needed. Matt Winans has obtained both of his certifications for Water and Waste Water Management. Ko Knurowski will be sitting for his tests this fall. Sink Hole A sink hole on SW 2 nd street has been repaired and cold patched at this time. After opening up the hole it was determined that the “sink hole” was the result of an old rusted out septic tank. I wish to thank SMTA, Linn County Road Dept., City Engineering Firm Dyer Partnership and city staff for working together so quickly in determining the cause and effect of the original sink hole. Through this process the City’s insurance, CIS, visited the site and is going to give $500.00 towards the cost of the repairs. CIS also pointed out that the City should reclaim the public Right-of-Way on this street to ensure the safety of citizens walking on SW 2 nd Street and to comply with the Safe Route to School Zone. The reclaiming of the Right-of-Way will be taking place this summer and I will provide council with a comprehensive project plan.
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