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CITY MANAGERS REPORT Report Period - March 7, 2024 to April 24, 2024 Ginger Allen, City Manager Basketball Hoop Enforcement: After further consideration I have decided to do an educational campaign on the new basketball ordinance before tagging the hoops and announcing the enforcement policy. Here are the steps that will be taken: 1. We will identify who owns and uses the various basketball hoops. 2. A letter will be sent to the property owner advising them of the permit process and the enforcement procedure. 3. The letter will allow them time to meet with the city manager, if they so desire, or time to call city hall for any questions they might have regarding the ordinance. 4. An explanation regarding the basketball ordinance will be placed on the city’s Facebook page. Walking Bridge Update: The road bollards located on both sides of the walking bridge do not have links on them to hook a cross chain. Thus, the city is working to have hooks welded onto the bollards. If this is not possible, staff will order new bollards with chain connectors. Another update will be provided on this task at the June 10 th city council meeting. Logger Pride Day, Thursday, May 16 th : Once again the city is partnering with the Scio High School for Logger Pride Day. City staff supports this event by transporting trash, yard debris, hauling of bark dust and providing gloves and heavy-duty garbage bags to the students. Small City Allotment Grant: The City of Scio will be applying for another Small City Allotment Grant in the amount of $250K. The city will be placing an additional $40K into the road budget for this street improvement project. I will provide a project update at the June 10, 2024 city council meeting. Water System Upgrade at Scio Fair Grounds: Following the March 25 th city council meeting I chatted with our city engineer and sent the following email to Karen Borchard Issacc and Loren Kuipers of the Lamb and Wool Board. I want the city council to know that the city has done everything they can at this point to assist with the water system improvements needed at the Scio fair grounds at this time. I will reach out to Karen and Loren again once the Lamb and Wool Festival takes place and the board has some time to determine when they will do the upgrades. Good morning, Karen and Loren, I had an early morning chat with our City Engineer and he wants to make sure that our process remains intact so that everyone’s time is used effectively. In order to have the pre-construction meeting a client must be ready to move forward with a project. With that said, I wish to apologize for stating that the city would host a pre-construction meeting sooner and not later. Given the fact that the board wishes to move the water system improvement into next fiscal year’s budget, arranging a pre-construction meeting at this time is pre-mature. As time passes and the Board wants to begin the project the following steps will need to be taken: 1. Lamb and Wool Fair Board selects a contractor to perform the work. 2. Contractor should assist you, the client, with the following: c. Pulling of project permits (both city and county permits when applicable) d. Ensure that the water system improvements meet city code. e. Attend Pre-Construction meeting, along with board members and ask any clarifying questions regarding city infrastructure code f. Perform work as approved at the Pre-construction meeting g. Contacts city/county for any construction work inspections Thus, I highly recommend that the meeting with our city engineer be set closer to the time frame that the work will be completed. This will allow any code changes that are enforced between now and the fall to be incorporated into the design and improvements, while avoiding the cost of second or third pre- construction meetings. Please call or drop by with any questions you might have. Thank you, Ginger Allen Scio City Manager P.O. Box 37 Scio, Oregon 97374 503-394-8156
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